23 septembre 2008

Journée des associations - Voilespace

Dans le cadre des journées des associations, Voile Espace vous propose :
Vendredi 3/10 au complexe sportif : présentation des activités (photos,
Samedi 4/10 sur la plage de l'espace devant l'usine : Opération "plage
ouverte" à partir de 14h00 (si le temps le permet)
Découvertes des activités plage : kayaks, voile légère

Venez nombreux !

19 septembre 2008

InterThales and Ariane's cup

The events
Each year since the 1980's a large sailing event is organised gathering all industries, operators and institutions of the space sector, the Ariane's cup. In 2008, this traditional event will take place from the 2 – 5 October in Lorient, France. In the four races planned, there will be as many as 80 Yachts sailing for the Ariane's Cup.

Thales has been active for several years in the sailing environment, in particular with the well-publicised sponsorship of the Figaro Beneteau of Erwan Tabarly, and the Grand Prix the l'Ecole Navale in Brest. An internal Thales event is also organised each year, the InterThales Challenge, which will take place in La Rochelle from 18th to 21st of September this year.

The Thales Alenia Space participation

For this 2008 edition, a team of motivated individuals has been formed around the following objectives :
· Form multi-sites, transnational crews for a common experience mingling sports, team spirit and fun.
· Develop the "regatta culture" in Thales Alenia Space in order to grow the participation to a level commensurate with the company's activities in the space sector.
· Increase the performance of the Thales Alenia Space crews with a view to win the event in the coming 3 years : the Ariane's cup twenty-ten project
With a full support by both internal communications department, and sailing associations local to each site, we have organised participation of 3 boats to the Ariane's cup, as well as 2 boats to the InterThales Challenge.
This is a very exciting opportunity for the teams to be able to participate to challenging events in such a short time frame, so the crews should get a real chance to train together and perform accordingly.
Of course competition will be harsh - for the Ariane's cup, the three Thales Alenia Space boats will be facing amongst others no less than 8 SES, 4 CNES, 4 ESA, and ... 26 Astrium boats !

The Thales Alenia Space Crews

Discover the profile of some of our crew members
Belen, Spanish - Thales Alenia Space Spain - 37 years old, technical follow up in Galileo project.
"I enjoy a lot sailing and my past experience participating in Ariane's cup was great. I liked a lot sharing the experience with collegues from all over Europe."
Pascal, Belgian - Thales Alenia Space ETCA, Belgique - 48 years old, ETCA Avionic Business Segment.
"As shown by our international crew participation to the 2006 Ariane's cup, sailing with other thales people, especially from different units, is definitely a great experience. Developping team spirit, it is also create friendly relations between people and companies."
Laurent, French - Thales Alenia Space Cannes - 42 years old, RF AIT responsible on W7
"Sharing the same expertise and the same passion, beyond national frontiers"
Ana, Spanish – Thales Alenia Space Spain – 34 years old, Satelite Networks
Manager in the Satellite System & Ground Segment despartment in TAS-E. "Sailing with other people from TASE means a great opportunity to meet again with other TAS colegues that are also keen on sailing and of course, share a new adventure in the sea."
Antonio, Italian – Thales Alenia Space Rome – 38 years old, Galileo SIV procurement manager
"Ariane's cup is an excellent team building and networking opportunity and a lot of fun as well."
Julien, French – Thales Alenia Space Cannes - 30 years old, Guidance, Navigation & Control engineer
My name is Adolfo del Barrio Salas, I am 28 year old. I was born in Cantabria (north coast of Spain) but I have been working for three and a half years in C/Ku Band transmitters department within TTC and RF Active group in Thales Alenia Space in Madrid. I could participate in Ariane´s Cup 2006 in Formia. It was a very positive experience (such sailing as comradeship). In spite of my lack of sailing backgroung, I hope I can help TAS screw obtain a good result and ambient in Lorient this year.
Alexandre and Alexandra, French - Thales Alenia Space Cannes - 32 and 33 years old, Globalstar 2 FCV, and full time taking care of the kids, respectively
"Sailing is a way to share some time with collegues out of the work frame. Sailing, especially during a regatta, needs good cooperation and good spirit within the crew. Shortly said it builds team spirit!"
Eric, French – Thales Alenia Space Cannes – 39 years old, Satellite Proposal Technical Manager
"Sailing with other Thales people means joining Fun with Team Spirit"
Olivier, French – Thales Alenia Space Cannes – 329 years old, Engineer in radiofrequencies
"Sailing is a lot of fun, but with other people is much better."
Michael, English, Thales Alenia Space Colombes, 56 years old - EPS ground segment maintenance manager
"Sailing calls for teamwork, and is also an opportunity to meet people from other sites and other areas in the company. The Ariane's Cup is sufficiently competitive to be a challenge but not aggessively!"
Laurent, French – Thales Alenia Space Cannes – 32 years old, Electrical Architect on Iridium Next
"Thales Sailing is good fun, I like the Team spirit on the boat"

18 septembre 2008

La saison n'est pas finie, le plagiste est de retour

La saison se prolonge, Malek notre plagiste est de retour demain et jusqu'à
la fin du mois de septembre

Son jour de repos reste le mercredi.

Bonne voile à tous,

- les régates Royales ont lieu du 21 au 28 octobre, prévoyer le pique
nique et le maillot pour y assister de la plage ou sur l'eau.

- la fin de la saison aura lieu d'ici le 15 octobre

1 septembre 2008

Plagiste et WE aux Iles

- WE aux Iles 6 et 7 septembre: Encore 10 places de disponible:
Pour réserver, répondez par mail et posez le chèque dans la boite aux
lettres du CE.
(sinon permanence de mercredi de 12h30 à 13h30 au CE)
(See attached file: Pub LERINS 08.pdf)

- Plagiste: David a terminé sa semaine et reprend ses études
Malek sera là de ce lundi à lundi prochain compris
>> Profitez de cette semaine pour bien apprendre à gréer et dégréer.
A partir de lundi de la semaine prochaine, le matériel sera en auto-gestion

- le salon nautique a lieu du 9 au 15 août
- les régates royales sont du 21 au 28 septembre
- La plage terminera début octobre